Day 6

What does it mean to close a sale?

Now you know how to build rapport with your customer. You know that you need to geniunely care about their needs and wants.  You have learned how to get the best out of your limited time with your prospect on the phone.  You know the right questions to asks to find out what products and services best meet their needs.  Now you are ready for the final part of the sale- THE CLOSE.


What is a close? Think about the last time you purchased a car or any other goods or service were a salesperson assisted you in buying it.  What happened right before you opened your wallet and paid for it?  What did they say?  What made you ready to buy?  That was a close.


A close can be defined as the technique where you bring the sales to a conclusion by transforming your prospect to a loyal customer.  A close does not happen by accident, instead an experienced saleperson guides their prospect through the sale all the way to its conclusion.



What do you think about the video?  Watch it 4 times.  Write down the script 10 times until you fully memorize the script.  Below, you will find more videos on how you should sound when you practice your script.  Watch all of the videos.  After each video, practice the script by reciting it 10 times, again and again.  Do it while facing a mirror.  Record yourself and see how you sound as you smile and practice your script in front of a mirror while being recorded.  Then listen to your recording after you recite each script.

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