Day 7



Who would have thought that Hollywood would be able to help us make sales? Believe it or not there are several movies and television shows that teach us the techniques that we use in our every-day lives. Persistance and dedication can help us not only build our self-esteem but also increase our sales. 

Just remember, even the most difficult customer can be the key to your next lead, or your most profitable sale so have fun! (Keep in mind that the video below is NOT censored.)

Have you been taking notes?  Have you been taking you seriously?  Do you have what it takes to be the best?  Are you ready to join the BEST of the BEST from all around the country and be among the ELITE?  Do you want to WIN the Gold Medal in The Olympics for Sales?  If you lack Ambition or Drive or a Competitive Nature to be The BEST, then QUIT NOW!  Please don't waste your time or that of our Elite TEAM.  Otherwise, shut your mouth, stop complaining and drive on.  Let Jerome Robinson show you how you are going to make your first million.

Your next homework assignment is to watch the movie, "Glengarry Glen Ross".  You will be tested on this next.

Now that you have laughed a little, ask a friend or family member to Role Play with you. Keep in mind all of the things you have learned and test your skills. Smile. Have fun!

Please do NOT watch the following video if you do not like bad words.  The following video is NOT censored.

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