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Let’s talk about making your marketing powerful. To grow your business you need to first create a plan. This plan will help guide you through your growth process. The goal is more sales and more customers. For us to best assist you we want to make sure you know your target market. This is not just age and gender. That’s too broad. Let’s get specific and build segments based on what your current customers have in

common and then find the best segment to target. You can’t be all things to all people so lets narrow it down.

Marketing Segments


Geography: Where are you located in relation to where your current customers reside?___________________________

Demographics: How much money do your prospects earn? What kind of home do they live in? What kind of car do they drive? Do they have children? Are they single or married? ___________________________

Lifestyle: What kind of activities do they participate in? What kind of vacations do they take? Where do they spend their time and money?



Life Stage: Are they in college and are they career oriented, young families, empty nesters?___________________________

Psychographics: What is their state of mind when they buy from you? Are they excited? Are they upset about something they had before and are looking for something better? Are they fearful that something is going to happen?

These are just some things you can look at. Take a minute and write down any additional segments that you can think of about your current customers and prospects that you want to migrate.

Demand Assessment


Now it’s time to qualify your markets. Look at each one and identify how large that segment is and is it large enough to support your business.


How easy will it be to reach them? Will the segments grow? Does it fit your business model? Can we meet their needs? Narrow down your top segments to the best fit for your business..

Brand Benefits


Look for the similarities in your segments and try to identify where they cluster together. Once you have identified your marketing segments

you can choose the Brand Benefits that will resonate with your customers. People are attracted to benefits. What solution does your product

provide? This will determine what your campaign will look like and say. People purchase my product because it will....

What will make them reach for your product?



Now that you know your Brand Benefit use it to tell the story about your product. This is not a one time thing. Tell your story different ways and with different mediums. Pick the platform that best reaches your target segments and look for events that will trigger them to respond.

Give your Marketing a plan and plan to be successful. Choose your platform: Direct Mail, Newspaper, Radio, TV, Door Hangers, E-mail, Bill

Boards, Social Medium, Online Marketing.

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