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     Welcome to The Robinson Group.  We are a proven Coaching, Consulting, Printing & Marketing Group with over 20-years of experience in Business helping other companies as well as our own.  We currently own and operate one of the largest and most diverse Television, Internet, Telephone, Cell Phone, Alarm, Security & Home Automation companies in the United States.  We also have helped other companies small and large become more successful as a direct result of our help.  We have worked with attorneys, doctors, dentists, therapists, pizza restaurants, big and small companies as well as individuals trying to better their life.

     We use innovative techniques to train and gage the marketplace.  We use 3 of the most advanced, targeted, specific techniques & algorithms to achieve our results: "i-core", "i-map" & "i-drive" technology.  Jerome Robinson is a Certified Hypnotherapist and an expert in Neuro Lingistic Programming, Lie Detection (through Micro & Macro Expressions & Voice Print Analysis) as well as Psychology, Electrical Engineering, Philosophy, Mind Mapping (with Architectural Design Engineering) and Sales Science.  Jerome Robinson has studied under the late Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Roger Dawson, Tom Hopkins, Stephan Schiffman, as well as his own studies on Human Behavior and Interaction.

     Jerome Robinson studies people.  He uses this information to help other individuals and companies to grow, prosper, increase traffic in their door, lose weight, quit smoking, excel in sports, business and so much more.  Jerome studies "Cause & Effect" and "Human Nature Studies".

Jerome Robinson has worked with big name companies like Dominos, Burger King, Oracle, Yahoo and more.  One of Jerome Robinson's companies works with other big name companies like Dish, DirecTV, AT&T, T-Mobile, CenturyLink, Vivint, Scout, Vonage, HughesNet and more.  Trust in Jerome Robinson just as other companies have.  Read on and get to know what The Robinson Group can do for you and your professional career.

Become a Vonage, T-Mobile, CenturyLink, Comcast, Ultra Mobile, GoSmart Mobile, Alarm & Home Automation, Vivint, Dish, DirecTV, AT&T, or Frontier Communications Dealer, Insurance Agent, Financial Advisor or Broker:

Make over $480,000 being your own Insurance & Investment Broker with Top companies in the Industry:

State Farm, AXA, New York Life, Progressive, John Hancock and so many more...

     If you ever wanted to own your own business, we can help.  If you wanted to add the ability to sell Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Mutual Funds, Alarm Systems, Vonage, T-Mobile, Comcast, CenturyLink, GoSMart Mobile or Ultra Mobile to increase your Daily Net (profit) by $1,200 per day or more, we can help you.  Click on the 'Corporate' TAB above and select 'Become a Vonage Dealer' or 'Become a T-Mobile Dealer' or 'Become a Comast Dealer' or 'Become a CenturyLink Dealer'.  Their is no cost and and you will receiver FREE Training from The Robinson Group.  We will help you succeed and earn an additional $262,500 a year.  No strings attached.

Before you advertise with any company, consult with us so that we can monitor it's success.  We will track your progress using the latest technology & Analytics in conjunction with Jerome Robinson's Proprietary Algorithm.  With Jerome Robinson on your side, you can't lose.  Jerome Robinson has a proven track record of success within his own companies & with other major brands such as Dominos, Burger King, Yahoo, other smaller companies all around the country.

Need Marketing Help?

     As you can tell, we work with one of the Best Website Designers in the country.  Let us build a masterpiece for your company.  We can custom design a simple CMS tailored for your companies' needs.  We do direct mailing too.  We can customize the areas that you want to target as well as the type of prospect that you are trying to aquire such as income level, credit rating or such things as whether or not they have a pool, own a house, a car or countless other criteria that can help save you time and money and get the exact customers that you are looking for.

Do you need someone to go Door to Door for you to either hand deliver your brochure for you or sell your product on your behalf?  We can help you with that.  We can put together dedicated teams that can handle whatever project you have in mind.  Try us out.

Have you ever considered Telemarketing?  We have dedicated trained professionals that are up on the latest changes in law in each state and will represent your company.  We can even train your team to be industry  telemarketing pros.

Whether it's placing an ad in a newspaper or coupon book, or radio advertising, you name it, you'd be surprised with how good we really are.  We will recommend great options for you and your company.

Printing Needs?

     If you are looking for Business Cards, Post Cards, Flyers, Coupon Books, Coupons, Brochures, Website Building, Catalogs, Calendars, Banners, Posters, or Signs, The Robinson Group can help.  The Robinson Group has operated Orlando Printing Services for over 17-years.  We have serviced companies small and large from all around the country.  Yahoo, Burger King, Dominos,, Frontier-Connecticut, The Better Business Institute, International Systems Support, Roe Family Chiropractic Upper Cervical Care, J.T. Landscaping & many other companies.

Need Sales Training?

     Be patient, help has arrived.  Training Sales People is our specialty.  We train several different ways: Website, Telephone, at your place of business or at one of our facilities.  We will train you to be the best in your industry.  Their is no doubt that we can help increase your sales by 200-300%.  This is worth every penny and then some.  You really should take advantage of our expertise.  Let us train you and let us train your your sales people so that your company can grow.  All of the marketing in the world won't help you if your sales people can't sell or close potential customers and turn prospects into buying customers, because that's what pays the bills; that's what keeps you in busines and that's what makes your business grow.

Virtual Networking Group:

     Do you want to Join 'The Winner's Circle' Networking Group along with FREE Training & Expert Advice from Trained Professional's including Jerome Robinson himself?  They meet virtually online once a week for a sensational Webinar & Group talk, which includes LEAD & Referral sharing.  This group is good for business owners and sales people and other professional alike.  You can find this section by clicking on the TAB called, 'The Winners Circle' which is located under the 'Corporate' TAB.

Lose Weight or Quit Smoking:

     Do you need to lose weight or quit smoking or excell in something such as a sport or feeling better about yourself?  We can help.  Click on the TAB that says 'Personal'.  Jerome has helped many people with personal acheivement.  Most of Jerome Robinson's clients are consulted directly over the telephone, in person or via this very website.

Your 5-year Plan:

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” 
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” 
Benjamin Franklin  

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.” 
Gloria Steinem

“If you don't know where you are going,
you'll end up someplace else.” 
Yogi Berra

“You can't plow a field simply by turning it over in your mind.” 
Gordon B. Hinckley

“Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” 
Warren Buffett

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” 
Peter F. Drucker

“All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.” 
Brian TracyPersonal Success

“If you don’t know exactly where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?” 
Steve MaraboliLife, the Truth, and Being Free

“A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.” 
Brian TracyThe Gift of Self-Confidence

“A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door.”


“Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.”

- Richard Cushing

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

- Charles Darwin

“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.”

- Douglas H. Everett

“Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.”

- Peter Drucker

“Few people have any next, they live from hand to mouth without a plan, and are always at the end of their line.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream. Not only plan but also believe.”

- Anatole France

“A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there.”

- H. Stanely Judd

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

- Alan Lakein, writer

“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

- Geoge S. Patton

“If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail.”

- Tariq Siddique

“Planning is a process of choosing among those many options. If we do not choose to plan, then we choose to have others plan for us.”

- Richard I. Winwood

“Reduce your plan to writing. The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire.”

- Napoleon Hill

Here is the promise of the most amazing, most power, motivating & life changing seminar you will ever attend.  Here, Jerome Robinson teaches you ambition by creating you a personal roadmap to your future. Too many people do not understand the power of planning.  Change your life for the better, right now by clicking on the 'Personal' TAB and clicking on 'Your 5-year Plan'.  Don't just take our word for it, listen to every successful person out there.  They had a plan, and they made it happen.

Productivity is never an accident.

It is always the result of a commitment to excellence,

intelligent planning, and focused effort.

- Paul J. Meyer

IMPORTANT: This is NOT an application for employment or 1099 contractor.  This NOT the Application for the WORK-FROM-HOME or the RETAIL STORE Position.  This is the Application for owning your own dealership.  If you are looking for the other application, please log onto  You are on the wrong website.

We at the Robinson Group are always Striving to improve and learn how we can be better in all aspects of our company. We ask that You could take a moment and give us your feedback on our website and if there is anything you think we could do to make it better. If you feel there is nothing that needs to change than please just let us know what you like most about our website. You can leave your comments below.

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