Day 5




Don't wait for success to happen, make it happen through hard work.  Visualize and plan what your goals are.  Write them down, then take the time to figure out how you can get there.  Do not be intimidated by obstacles.  They are actually your best friends.  They make you stronger and capable of achieve your dream.  Obstacles are stairs.  Climb them!

Live your dream.  Your goals are what you do to achieve your success. You are not lazy or distracted by others or yourself.  Have a single minded focus to achieve your success.  Be adaptable to change and take advantage of every situation that may come your way.   Plan ahead.  You should be doing things before they are due to be done.  Always strive to be ahead of schedule.  Anticipate what effort and work is needed to achieve your goals and start ahead of time. This will help ensure that you are ready for any delays or fast-track opportunities that may come. 

Be patient.  Success can take time.  Keep on keeping on until you see results.  Use your brain to work as smart as possible, but remember some things just need time to become a reality. 

Surround yourself by people who will support you, and support them in return.  Only go forward.  If you are going backwards, reevaluate your habits and fix them.  There is never a good excuse to give up.  Don't.
This is how you succeed. Work hard. Make good connections. Maintain a moral positive attitude and never give up until you have won. Be smart and watchful for any advantage you can find.  Obstacles, or hurdles, are often mistaken for failures. You need to find ways to overcome them.

Finally push through the pain.  Be smart. Sometimes pain tells us we need to stop, and we actually need to. Sometimes, when you are improving yourself, though,  you need to endure that pain and work harder. Working through our mental and emotional pain is often just our road sign that we leaving our comfort zone.   This is where you will see growth.   If you stop now you are putting a ceiling on your potential.  You will only grow as much as you are willing to endure discomfort, pain and change.

As you master yourself, you will master your response to your environment, in turn you will master your life and achieve your dreams.


One of the most important things that you need to know when you close a sale is the disclosure or disclaimer form. You can be the best at convincing a person to purchase your product, but if you do not let them know about all of the "fine print" you can make people angry and lose the sale. Stephen Covey said it best when he said that "Word of mouth is both the best and worst form of advertising."


If you have a happy customer he may tell three people about his experience, but will they remember that experience when they are ready to buy the same product or service? On the same note, if you have an angry or unhappy customer, they will tell three people about their experience. Those people will tell three more people. Those people will each tell three more people, and so on. Before you know it you will have ten thousand angry people! Building rapport is important in order to gain the sale. However, proper disclosure will help you keep the sale and maintain the relationship for future business. Below are examples of the disclosures that we use.


Directv Disclaimer


Dish Disclaimer


Exede Disclaimer


Centurylink Disclaimer


Comcast Disclaimer


Media Box Disclaimer



Part of being successful is being accountable for your actions. When you can account for each minute of your day you can see where you could be more productive. Knowing what your quotas are can help you to set goals. Knowing what your goals are can help you to know how much money you will make. By filling out the Daily Reports log you can keep track of how many sales you make, how many of your sales actually get installed, how many leads you make and how many people you contact. This helps you to determine your closing ratio so you can figure out how many people you need to speak with in order to make a sale.


Review everything you have learned so far. Practice your sales closes. Make Flash Cards. On one side write the name of the closing technique. On the other side write a scenario that would describe that technique. Do the same for your Objections and Rebuttals. Make several different flash cards defining several different scenarios. Help yourself to prepare for anything that a prospect will throw at you. Have a friend quiz you on your knowledge.

Role Playing

You should be practicing your script and getting comfortable with your objections and rebuttals. Practice different role playing scenarios involving all of the products offered. Practice what you would say if the customer objects. What would you say if they simply say "no?" You should practice until you have an answer for every objection. Think of it as a game of Chess. You want to anticipate what is going to happen and have your next move lined up already. Does your role play scenario sound like the one in the video to the right?

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