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Neuropsychological Analyst

President and CEO

Jerome Robinson studied engineering and psychology and believes that most people who want to be better, can be reprogrammed to be amazing individuals through NLP, Hypnosis & Mind Mapping. Jerome Robinson is a very competitive person and believes people can be better than ever if they put their mind to the challenge and train every day but first, they need to recognize the need for change and make a conscious decision to want to be better and do whatever necessary to make change happen.

Jerome got involved in this industry because he felt that in his heart he could change the dynamic of how the human mind thinks similar to an engineer with electronics. Business could be done better. Putting people first should be the cornerstone of any company’s foundation.  Using positive reinforcement and coaching, and teaching Jerome’s philosophy of desire and expectation, people can rise to the occasion and become better.

Jerome grew up as a poor kid in a rich town, had been homeless and was one of the only black residents in a very prestigious, wealthy town where discrimination was prevalent.  Homeless at fourteen, he always thought he would one day prove that he could make it in the “Real” world.   Jerome’s mother suffered from schizophrenia and he always wanted to fix her and try to make her better. Since he was 8 years old he had a love for psychology and wanted to find a cure for his mother who passed away at an early age of 50 years old. Society’s perception of people is somewhat naïve and people and government are very ignorant to how the mind works.  As a child, Jerome Robinson wanted to find a way to fix the world by changing how people think. He wanted to show the world and help them gain a better understanding of the human mind.

Barbara Campbell

Vice President/Retail Store Division

My name is Barbara Campbell. I have been with Selectchoicetv.com since September 2015. I started here about four days before a major (out of town) Home and Garden event. The team that was going to this event had decided to stay overnight and I had my reservations about going because I did not feel I knew enough about the product to be effective. I studied everything I could to gain knowledge about the products that we sell and was ready to rock. I refused to fail.


Although I did not have the confidence to make the sales on my own, I knew that I had my team behind me. I brought the customers in, and my team helped me close the sales. I was the top seller that weekend! The comradery that I felt has blossomed. We are truly a family here, and I have found my home. I have a career here, not just a job. Being a small-town girl I never thought I would be able to get out of “Podunk.” Now I have that opportunity!

Angela Shefield

Customer Care Expert

SelectChoiceTV.com is an amazing company to work with.  It is a dynamic work place that encourages and motivates you to be the best person you can be both professionally and personally.  I enjoy both the people and the products that I work with.   Our company offers our customers the best in entertainment and communication technologies at a price that is just right for them.  


When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family and friends in the wonderful outdoors spaces we have here in Central Florida.  Watching movies and helping out the local Girl and Boys Ranch also occupy my time. 

Fallen Comrad

LIT D2D, Call Center, Training & Development

I train and Develop Sales Professionals for Outside Sales, Call Center & Network Marketing.  I will train you to be very successful.

Fallen Comrad

LIT Inbound Telemarketing

I absolutely LOVE this company.

Michelle Reyes

Michelle Reyes

Insurance Division

Brandon Rowe

Insurance Division

Quina Curry a.k.a "Q"

LIT Inbound Telemarketing Specialist / Marketing

I was skeptical at first but this company is the real deal!!!

Lissette Santiago


I am in charge of Payroll, Payables & Receivables. The training here is really good.

David Kinder

Customer Care Expert/Store Manager/Inventory Manager

I've worked for this company for a couple of years and I learn something new almost everyday.  I can make as much or as little money as I want.  The choice is mine and only mine to make!​

Jennifer Russell

Inbound Telemargeting Customer Care Expert

Daniel Larson

Customer Care Expert Business Development

Gerado Pinto

Installation Technician

I am one of your technicians.

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So, write me a letter in 20 years from now.  You can email it to me @ JRobinson@SelectChoiceTV.com.

Let me know once you quit working with our company how well your plans have turned out.  Let me know and rub it in my face that you are killing out there and how you don't need a Bentley, a Ferrari or a Rolls Royce because that's not practical.  Call me up and rub it in my face by telling me how great your beach house is.  Send me pictures of you vacationing for a month vacationing in your favorite destination.  Better yet, come and meet me in your private jet.  Tell Me how your plan just was as you have pictured it.  I have yet to see someone quick because they couldn't handle the school, this school, and they've made it and are doing well.  If you make it through this school, you'll be able to handle almost anything.  Bottom line???  Don't quit.

There are 2 kinds of people in this work, those who win & everyone else.  Those who quit & those that don't.  Those are determined to win because they can picture it and those who aren't because they can't picture themselves because they don't believe in themselves.

Otherwise, hop on the phones, and put out or shut up!

If you are ready, order your Logitech H390 Noise Cancellation Headset for inbount Telemarketing.

Who are we???

We are Training to be the BEST of the BEST in The County for sales.  We make more money because we are awesome!

Contact us and let us know that you are interested in Higher Learning from The Robinson Group.

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