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READ Everything!

You're going to want to skip certain things.  Don't!!!

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Read Everything

You will be tested.

The Video below has NO Sound.  Please play it and just take notes.  Thank you!

Many people ask if they have to go through the whole training.  You do, however it shouldn't NOT take you more than 5-days to complete.  You can do multiple days at a time.  Please take very good notes.

Congratulations, you're training has just begun.

"No one - not rock stars, not professional athletes, not software billionaires, and not even geniuses - ever make it alone,"


- Malcolm Gladwell.


You need help to achieve success. We all do. Learn from your coach. Become a coach. Inspire others the way you have been inspired.

This is your chance to learn to be the best.  Once you graduate, you too can earn over $200,000 per year.  Upon graduating, you will have job placement assistance with many companies, some of which pay over $50,000.


Reach your greater potential, we'll show you how.  Be a better you tomorrow than you were yesterday for as little as $29.99.  This is your chance to shine brighter than the brightest of stars.  Be ahead of your competition.  The fee is waived if you are working with one of our companies such as Frontier-Connecticut.com & SelectChoiceTV.com or The Insurance Division.

Below, you can request more information about this training program.  You will learn to be a great tele-sales agent.  Sales will become easier for you than ever before.  Our graduates are projected to earn an average of $186,000 a year.

Throughout this course, you will be tested.  Do you know how many people call Jerome Robinson because they don't know what to do and Jerome Robinson has to tell them, "Did you read the instructions?"

Many people don't understand why we do the interview after and during your training.  The reality is we really don't know you.  You can say whatever you want in an application and it's often difficult to judge someone on well they will do in sales based on their application a lone.  That's why we grade you on your ability to follow instructions.  How many of you will not even read this and NOT figure out how to proceed to go the next page or skip vitally important stuff that  you will be tested on later.  Don't waste your time or ours if you aren't going to take this seriously.  By not taking this seriously, your actions, not your words are telling us that you don't take your career seriously.  Everybody thinks that they are different and somehow better than other people yet we found that it's the people who brag the hardest or the loudest fall the hardest.  We found that the people with the least amount of experience that have ambition, integrity and drive succeed with the highest of honors.  Our motto is, "Be a Better you tomorrow than you were yesterday by Practicing what you've learned today".  So let's do that.  Read and watch every video.  Boring or not, please take plenty of notes.  Don't waste your time or that of anyone else.  Thanks again.


Our principles include concern for the well-being of others, respect for the autonomy of others, trustworthiness & honesty, willing compliance with the law, basic justice; being fair and refusing to take an unfair advantage, benevolence and preventing harm. You are our future!


We put our people first. For years our company has built employees and associates and contractors.


Have you ever seen a Beach House on stilts? The house is held up by a series of pillars in the sand. All it takes is for one of those pillars to become weak and the whole structure will collapse. Think of each one of us as one of those stilts, or pillars. If we are all strong we can hold the company up to its highest potential. If any of us falter we can weaken the company.

Why take this course?

Success is Our Company Vision.


Here at The Robinson Group, we are in the business of building future leaders.   We invest in our people through training and motivation to help each associate discover their potential and achieve it.  By inspiring each person to dream big, we are building a culture of future success.


Let me ask you a simple question.  If money was not an obstacle what would you buy?  How would you live your life?  Who would you be?  Would you drive a Mercedes? Take flying lessons?  Be an actor?


What if there was a way to turn these dreams into a reality?  Well, there is.  At The Robinson Group, we do it every day. 

A "JOB" vs. A "CAREER"

If you ask anyone who works at SelectChoiceTV.com what job they have, the answer is always the same.   None.  They don’t have jobs at SelectChoiceTV.com, they have careers.  So what is the difference?


A job is short term work that you do just to make a paycheck. It might take care of your groceries, or pay your rent.  It is not hard to change from one job or another.  After all it is all about getting by.


A career is a long-term purpose.  You study at night for a career, you go to seminars and work longer hours. A career is not just about getting a paycheck.  It is about a strong ambition to achieve something of meaning and worth.


A career becomes a part of who you are.  A job, in contrast, is just something you do. If you just want a job, that’s ok, but this course is not for you. If you want a career, this is your starting mark.

Sales is a Specialty

Make no mistake about it, Sales is a skill and it can be learned. No one is born an expert Salesman.  It is something that is learned through hard work and experience and study - just like any other expertise.


That’s great news!  This means that no matter how good (or bad) you are at sales you can study your way to success.  This is why we created this course.  Treat this course like you would any other course you would study in college.  If you do that, you will finish it with the tools you need to build a successful sales career - no matter what you’re selling!

Self Confidence

Having self confidence will make you feel better about yourself and your ability to sell. When you are confident you portray an aura that says, "I believe in this product. I know what I am talking about. You can trust me." When you have self confidence you are more resilient. Sales is a tough industry. There is a lot of rejection. Having confidence allows you to deal with this rejection without taking every single "No!" to heart.


Working in sales is the perfect cure for shyness. You’ll learn to step forward with confidence, especially under duress or in a crisis. Still not convinced? Think of it this way: The more intimidating or scary a position in sales sounds, the more you need to take one. You'll gain confidence and self-assurance, and the skills you gain will serve you well for the rest of your business - and personal - life.


Watch the video below.


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