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Things to know about the XBMC or KODI media box. A media box is a device that streams or views different types of media such as television, music, and movies from the internet. A media box is a one time sale and does not have a monthly recurring charge for service but also does not guarantee that you can or will get everything you are looking for that satellite and cable offer, but it is a very good alternative.

The media box may come with a USB drive which is to be used to do a system restore, do NOT do a factory reset or it can mess up the media box and make it difficult to fix or even unusable. Some also come with a wireless keyboard, or you are able to purchase a different one, and it will be a plug and play which means no setup required.


Step 1: Connect the media box to the TV with an HDMI or AV cable. Select the proper input on the TV for the cable plugged in and turn on the device.

Step 2: Go in to android system to “settings” and connect the device to the internet.

Step 3: Return to the main home screen and select apps. From apps select KODI and then navigate video. Once you reach the navigate video setting you are now able to choose what add-ons you would like to download to your system.

Add-ons: This is where you will find all the apps and services that the media box offers (sports, movies, television, and international programming). The add-on Navi-X is a good way to find many programs in a certain language such as French or Spanish. To download more add-ons is a very simple process:

Step 1: Access the system and select the add-ons folder or tab

Step 2: Select the “KODI add-on repository” and then select the video add-ons

Step 3: Select the option to select the add-ons you would like and then they simply install and download to the device.

To locate the downloaded content go back to the :video menu” and it should be located in the “video add-ons” folder.

To uninstall an add-on simply go in to KODI, then select “system”, select “add-ons”, then select “enabled add-ons”, and simply select the add-on you wish to uninstall and select the “uninstall” option.

Note: The media box does need a strong, high speed internet to avoid a need to buffer or to load faster than you are watching it.

To change the language and time zone of the media box you simply access the KODI then go to settings, select “appearance”, and select international to set it how ever you desire or need.

To change the way the media library is setup simply go in to the library on the device and move through the tabs to the left until you select “options”. In the options menu you can select the view to change the appearance of the thumbnail icons as well as the way the library is sorted.

You are also able to stream from a personal iOS (apple) device through these easy steps:

Locate the services tab under the system menu. Navigate to and select the “zeroconf” settings menu. Once in the “zeroconf” menu, enable “announce these services to other services”. Then locate Airplay and enable the KODI to receive Airplay content. Then simply select Airplay from your iOS device and select the KODI from the list of available devices.

To turn off the device it is recommended to shut off the box through the power icon on the lower left side of the screen before manually shutting the box off with the main power button

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