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T-Mobile is one of the nations top cell phone providers that offers services across the majority of the USA, some parts of Canada, and also parts of Mexico and Central America. T-Mobile offers 4G LTE data for their phones, which is currently the fastest cell phone internet speed available. There are different providers on the T-Mobile Network that offer no-contract monthly unlimited plans starting with unlimited talk and text for only $19 per month ranging to Unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data for $99 per month.

There are multiple types of cell phones available to purchase such as a basic flip phone, a classic “brick” phone, a traditional smart phone, a phone that's also a tablet size, or you can even bring your own phone if you want to keep the same phone. Here is a little info on some of the different phone styles and what services they work best with:

Basic flip/”brick” phones are the best for talking and texting, but are not generally used for accessing the internet or data.

These are good for people that have a hard time getting used to newer, “fancier” technology as these are very basic services such as a dial pad and screen with almost nothing else.

Smart phones and Tablets are able to do almost anything and everything you could ask for.

These do have larger screens to help see them better but being a “newer” technology they might have some learning curves to get around and to get used to.

These phones are good for social media such as Facebook and Twitter as well as keeping track of one's email and watching videos online.

All phones are able to have more memory or storage space is the user chooses to purchase a micro SD card. These simple slide in to the phone and can add more memory/storage to the phone for videos, pictures, music, or anything else you like to keep on your phone.

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