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Please refer to this blog to the latest general information which also includes information learned every Monday morning. Please feel free to read and teach. Share what you know with others. Please keep your posts PC and very professional, thank you.

CenturyLink Where’s My Tech Tool: please note this new URL:

NEST Pro Support:

Get Your Subcontractor Documents in Order:

Griffin Insurance 901 E Silver Springs Blvd Ocala, FL 34470 (352) 732-7105

Our LOCAL numbers to give out to customers when they call us or we call them. They all go to the same place:

The Villages, FL: (352) 553-4921 West Melbourne, FL: (321) 541-7059 Orlando, FL: (407) 877-5657

Pay Checks will be issued Direct Deposit from ADP by Monday 8pm. Sometimes, payroll will be late due to unforeseen circumstances. Bonuses:

You are not eligible for bonus if you talk negatively about or it's employees.

You are not eligible for bonus if you do not answer phone calls from Jerome, Jennifer or Ashlee.

Bonus & Chargeback structure are subject to be changed with or without notice. Bonuses or Chargebacks may be taken away at anytime.

$100 = Presidents Award (For those that do something special and The President wants to reccognize the rep for outstanding service.

$100 = Loyalty Bonus (For those that show exceptional loyalty to

Up to $50 = Fuel & Trip & Toll Bonus

$75 Trip Charge for Melbourne Trips, you MUST email Jerome your request

$500 = REP REFERRAL BONUS If you bring someone to work with and they sell or install 100 customers that get activated (no cancellations).

$100 = for the LEAD Rep if there REP underneath them earns the REP REFERRAL BONUS only if the the newly hired associated that was referred into was referred at the time that the LEAD REP was a LEAD Rep at the time the New Recruit was recruited


-$5 If you do NOT put the proper CAMPAIGN in Dishstar (For Rep ONLY)

-$5 Missing Correct Email in DishStar if a rep doing your 2x2 gets the correct email (For Rep ONLY)

-$5 For each of the 4 correct telephone numbers that missing that a rep doing your 2x2 is able to get (For Rep ONLY)

-$100 for incomplete / non-closed or OPEN DNSC / Echostar Work Order (for Technicians ONLY)

-$5 for each missing or incomplete 2x2. (2x2's are to be conducted 2-days after the install, 2-weeks after the install, & every 2-months).

Media Hub so that your headset will ring your speakers but you can switch to listen through your headset. This is good if you have to leave your desk, you can still hear the phone ring so you do NOT miss any phone calls. Cost: $15.99 Slightly Used Laptop Computer (Loaded with everything you need plus more(Retail: $549 + software) Built in Wifi, Camera, etc... Cost: $299.99

When selling a Basic (off-air antenna) Service, always make Jerome Robinson the LEAD REP. Failure to do so may reward you a 100% chargeback. ONLY the REP get's paid for BASIC Service in Hollywood Estates.

Always wait 48-hours after APPROVING your customer prior to any new DirecTV install. Failure to do so, could result in a chargeback upto) $900.

You do NOT have authorization to create a TC (Trouble Call) or a TCNP (Trouble Call No Pay) or a SC (Service Call or Service Change) without prior written authorization via email from Jerome Robinson.

To change or update your email address in DishStar: Log into DishStar and click on the DishStar logo on the upper most left hyperlink. Then click on: MY ACCOUNT. If you do NOT have access to this or have any issues, please contact Jerome via email and give him your email address and he will update it for you. Rob and Mike both need to update their email addresses. I don't know who else.

CHARGEBACKS: $50 chargeback to Sales Reps if customer does subscribe to credit card auto pay and paperless billing or removes it from their account. All Sales and Installs are subject to a 100% chargeback. If you are the lead Sales Lead Rep, and the original Sales Rep is not with the company anymore, you are as the Lead Sales Rep are responsible for the Chargeback money that would have been collected from the original Sales Rep. That means if the Sales Rep received $90 for the sale even though you only received $10, you would still be charged back the full $100 for both the Sales Reps Commission and your own Commission as a Lead Sales Rep.

As a Sales Rep and a Lead Sales Rep, you are responsible to make 2x2 Calls. This means that you must call all of your customers 2-days after they are installed, 2-weeks after they are installed and every 2-months for 1-year. If a customer claims that you have not made a 2x2 call within 48-hours of when you were suppose to make the call, you will be subject to a $10 chargeback per occurrence.

You are subject to a chargeback if the customer says that you promised to cancel their premium channels and their premium channels were not cancelled. You will be charged back the amount of money that we give the customer in check form plu a $6 check processing fee.

Chargeback period: 1-year. This means that you as the tech are responsible for all technical related issues and if another tech is called out to the job, you will be charged back up to $100. This applies to Trouble Calls, Service Calls and New Installs. If you touch the job, you are responsible for one full year (365-days). All Sales People are responsible for 1-year (365-days) if a customer downgrades their receiver type, or count and if the customer cancels their service or does not pay their bill. $50 chargeback to Sales Rep or Lead Rep if customer cancels or does not signup for credit card autopay unless the customer lives in Hollywood Estates, West Melbourne, FL.

When approving a customer in DishStar. First step before approving is to create a MaidJoy email address in ipower.

If you are NOT doing your 2x2 calls, Kendra will and when she does, you will be assessed a $5 backcharge per call. 2x2's are a part of your job that you get paid for. Customer Follow up is very important.

Please explain bill to customer before they get installed.

Check your DishStar Callbacks at least once a day. Check your company email at least 3-times per day.


Proven system, live by, got to do this. If you don't you are subject to back charges.

Call the customer 2-days after they're installed. Call the customer 2-weeks after they're installed. Call the customer every 2 months after they're installed... ... For 2 years.

First 2x2 - 2 days =

Ring...Ring...Ring... Hello, my name is Harriet from, your TV company. I have a couple of questions for you to make sure that we've taken care of your needs. Was the technician on time? Was he dressed professionally? Did the tech clean up after himself, aside from equip boxes and old dish? Was tech courteous? How would you rank him from 0 to 10 with 10 being the best? Did he fully educate you on how to use your system? Did he leave 5 business cards in the home to call us (local #) if you have any problems? What is the # that he left you? Did he tell you not to contact the 1-800 number if you have problems, just call the local #? Did the tech tell you NOT to change your billing method so that you don't get charged for HD? Basically, do not remove credit card auto pay or paperless billing or you will lose your $10 credit for FREE HD. Did the technician tell you that you should NOT lose your satellite signal for anymore than 40-minutes per year? Did the tech tell you that if you know someone else who wasnts service, to make sure that you call us directly and we will give you between $50 and $100 for the referral if they become our Dish Network or DirecTV customer? Did he but a sticker label on the receiver (dish on remotes too) with local number? Did the tech charge you anything for any additional work? if so, how much and for what? Did the tech tell you and remind you that you have a 2 year agreement and that you cannot downgrade service or receiver count or receiver type during the first year? Please put our local number in your phone, on your fridge, so you always have it. I just want to remind you to cancel your premium channels before 2-months so that you don't have to pay for them. Call us or email us and cancel your premium channels. Ask for Courtney or your Customer Service Rep. How do you like the service so far? How do you feel about our company so far? Would you recommend our service from to somebody else? Do you know anybody at work, any neighbors, family, friends, anyone in the United States that could save money on their cable bill, or is looking for TV service? Give them my number, and you can give me their number, we'll get you a discount on your service. Some people don't pay a cable bill because they've referred us so many customers. What was your previous service before we switched it over? What is your email address? What is a 2nd telephone number that we can contact you? An emergency # can be a work # or a neighbors # or anybody elese that you know in the United States. I just wanted to tell you how much appreciate you as one of our valued customers. With our company,, you are not just a customer, you are our family and we treat you as such! I would like for you to take my office # and extension so that I can assist you personally when needed. Do you have a peice of paper and a pen to take down my #? Here it is: (352) 553-4921 When you call me, your NOT speaking to a computer, or calling outside the country to someone who doesn't care, you'll get me, and I care, a lot. Do you know if anyone cancelled your previous TV Service? Were you going to cancel the previous TV Service? Did the technician give you his personal # to call him directly? Never call the technician directly because we book the tech on appointments and if you make any appointments with him, he will not be able to go because he will be double booked. This is a major no-no. Always call us directly.

2x2 Call Script

Always smile when calling a customer. Before you pick up the phone, think of a funny joke or movie or some other funny moment in your life that makes you smile. Copy and paste this comment into the notes of your customer and answer the questions into DishStar as they answer the questions that you ask them. Make this a fun project. Have fun doing it. And remember, you want to get referrals, so ask for them and be prepared to write them down and close more sales.

Thank you for ordering satellite from We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. I just want to ask you how the technician did at your house. Did the tech clean up after himself? Did the tech arrive on time? Did the tech explain to you how to use your satellite system? Did the tech charge you anything additional monies? Did the technician tell you that you are under a 2-year contract and you cannot cancel or downgrade your receivers for any reason? Did the technician put labels on all of your receivers with our telephone numbers on it? Did the technician leave you with 5-business cards? Did the technician give you his personal telephone number? Did the tech explain to you that you should never ever call the 1-800 # and only call us at: (352) 610-8400. If you don't, you will VOID your FREE Lifetime Technical Support. How would you rate the tech on a scale from 0-10 with 10 being our friends and the best and 0 being the worst? Is there any additional feedback and/or construc that you witive critism that you would like to offer at this time? Would you reccomend to your friends and family? Can you reccomend anybody to me right now? If you do refer us, you may be eligible to receive $100 and and the same goes for the person that you refer. Remember that we also sell, install and service Custom Home Theater. That means that we sell and install TV's, Stereos, Speakers, Home Automation and more. Please keep us in mind for the next time you want to install a TV and hang it on your wall.

I would like to thank you for being our valued customer Please store our telephone number in your cell phone. Ready? Here goes: (352) 610-8400. Thank you and have a great day!

Make sure all telephone numbers are filled. ALL PHONE SLOTS. PERIOD. Work #, cousin's #, sister's #, etc. Just GET IT. If their previous TV services were NOT cancelled, help them cancel old services.

Second 2x2 - 2 weeks.

Make sure they're still happy? Everything doing well? Notice the better picture? etc. Any questions you might have for me? I want to make sure you're being taken care of. Do you know anybody else who could benefit? I'm really trying to get your bill down. I'm trying to work for you here. Do you know anybody? Here's some extra business cards.... Remind the customer that they are under a 2-year agreement and they cannot cancel service no matter what. Remind them to always call us if they have any problems, questions or concerns and verify with them that they have the correct local # and NOT the technicians #. Did you remember to cancel your premium channels? Would you like for me to put in a ticket to have them canceled within the next 3-days so that you do not get charged?

Keep plugging for referrals.

Making a referral sale. Below is a list of chargebacks: DirectTV $55 Dish $50 Still counts as a full sale for Bonuses.

Some people don't work the, "Lowering your bill" angle when asking for referals to avoid the chargeback on referrals.

If someone DOES come up to you with their friend's account number, do NOT be unethical! Set them up right!

Pay Structure is always straight commission (except for Brand Ambassadors and Admin with written authorization)

Lead Pay: $10

Sales Manager Pay: $10

General Manager Pay: $20

Rep Training Pay (1st set of 5 sales): $65 per sale Rep Training Pay (2nd set of 5 sales): $70 per sale Rep Training Pay (3rd set of 5 sales): $75 per sale Rep Training Pay (4th set of 5 sales): $80 per sale Rep Training Pay (5th set of 5 sales): $85 per sale Rep Pay (1st year): $90 Rep Pay (2nd year): $100 Rep Pay (3rd year): $110 Rep Pay (4th year): $120 Rep Pay (5th year): $130 Rep Pay (6th year): $140 Rep Pay (7th year): $150 Rep Pay (8th year): $160 LEAD Rep Pay: $10


NC Install: $70 for the first receiver, $10 for each additional Tuner/TV/Receiver.

TC Trouble Call: $25.

Satellite SC Service Call: $40.

Home Theater TV Installation: $40

Home Theater Wallmount Installation & TV Installation w/hidden Wallfish: $100

Home Theater 7.1 Speaker System in-ceiling and stereo system installation including wiring: $100

Home Theater TV Clean: $25

Home Theater TV Calibration: $100

Computer Repair $50


Staple paperwork together per customer. Indicate what you do on each service call & TC paperwork as well as in DishStar so that we can properly remove equipment from your inventory and pay you properly.

Comcast $7 for modem rental (or pay us $69.99 and void the modem rental fee), $19.99/month internet for 1-year. Installation Fee: $10. Comcast: 866-573-3571

Comcast Cancellation # for the Villages Area:


If your customer does not subscribe to Auto Bill Pay, your commission will be charged back $50. $5 Chargeback if Rep does NOT indicate previous provider on account in the drop-down box.

Email Login Screen:

PBX Virtual Office:

CSR Existing Customer (more than 2-years) Sales Call Script

Hi, my name is (YOUR NAME) from Dish Network & DirecTV. I am in the Quality Control Department. We are the company who installed your satellite system. Have you been satisfied with your satellite service?


Ok, ok... Well, we are offering RIGHT NOW, a promotional offer, which will help save you money off of your bill, get new Green Label Satellite Dish Technology where you will not lose satellite signal every time it rains, FREE High Definition, and help save you $14 to $44 off your monthly bill and you can FEEL COMFORTABLE knowing that you will also get FREE Lifetime Technical Support.

We would rather keep you as a happy customer, than no customer at all. May I ask you a question? Does that sound good to you? Would you like to save money off of your bill? Do you watch TV? Have you ever heard of high Definition? Would you like a FREE Upgrade?

Let me explain the process. We offer both Dish Network and DirecTV. Just like how most people do this with cell phones, most people do this with switching satellite providers going from Dish Network to DirecTV which allows you to capatilize on the latest promotions and offerings such as $44 off per month or whatever the promotion happens to be. I can give you whatever you want, but the reason I like DirecTV is because DirecTV does NOT go out in the rain like Dish network does. DirecTV has a lot more Digital and HD channels for less money. DirecTV has a higher quality HD signal than Dish Network & Cable. And we are offering a special promotion of FREE lifetime technical support. So if you have a problem with your dish, even during bad weather, we tell everybody that we can fix your satellite system within 24-hours, but in many cases, we can be out there as quick as 1-hour. Get close to 250 channels instead of your existing 100 channels. DirecTV is #1 in sports. DirecTV also has 99.9% worry FREE reliability with over 50 Million Americans. Have you ever seen the AT&T commercial where you can pause TV in one room, and pick it up in another room? I though that was pretty cool. DirecTV does all of that and does it all in HD with whole home DVR and Cinema Plus where you have access to over 4,000 shows & movies and no extra charge and also have access to new releases 1-month before Netflix.

May I ask you a question? Does that sound good to you? Do you want to save money off your existingg TV bill? When would you like to schedule the FREE upgrade, would next Monday in the AM or Tuesday in the PM work better for you? You know what, Monday may not even be available because the response to this promotion, let me check.

Hmmmm... I could try and squeeze you in, but... Let me see here... If I move this customer over, they're a really nice couple, they loved me, they won't mind. Ok, let's do it, if I can get you in on Monday in the morning, hmmm.... Ok, Monday or Tuesday, your choice. Ok, I just need to update your information and confirm the address that we have listed for you. Because some of the information that I am getting from you is sensitive, I would just like to assure you that we do not sell information and we use only state of the art encryption. I have your name as... Is this correct?


Please leave page 4 of the 3rd party agreement with the customer and ask that they read it.

Please have customers completely fill out pages 5 and 6 of the 3rd party agreement. You will receive an additional $10 for every lead that the customer fills out that becomes an customer.

Please leave 5-business cards around the customers home and tell the customer to call us always if they need anything. Tell the customer to never ever call the 1-800 number. Always call us at the local number. Place a label on every receiver in the front. Make sure that the label in NOT covering an ir sensor and/or button.

Please remind the customer that they are under a 2-year agreement and they cannot cancel for any reason. Please tell the cust that they are on credit card auto pay and that they cannot downgrade from that or they may loose their HD Free for Life and $5 extra special discount.

Please brag to the customer that is a great company who really cares about the customer and to refer us to other customers. Please tell the customer to make sure that they tell their friends and family to call (352) 553-4921, not the 1-800 number.

NEVER give your personal telephone number to the customer. Always make sure that you give our main telephone number and we, the office, will patch you through.

If you are trying to find a service provider for Internet in a specific area, please refer to this website. Do NOT share this information with your customers or anyone else: or

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