Day  2




How do these habits apply to this course?  You should only be taking this course if you are going to be exceptional.  If you are ok with being mediocre, then you are wasting your time.  This course isn't for you. 


If you want to be exceptional start applying these habits to your life right now.  As you go through this course, allow what you learn to change how you see yourself.   Start dreaming and writing down your goals.  Be specific.


Once your goals and dreams are written down, start planning what you need to do, in detail, to achieve them. Formulate this plan into a road map of success.


Now the only thing left to do is walk it.


You are on day-2 of training.  Are you excited?  Before you complete this section of the course and start selling, you will need to make a commitment to yourself.  Are you going to see this through until the end and NOT waste everyone's time including that of your own?

We look forward to hearing your feedback about this training site as we are always looking to make it better, everyday.  We appreciate you and we want the best for you in every way.  Never stop learning.  Never quit and never give up.  Your journey has just begun and it will soon be a blast.  You are on your way to financial freedom and success.  The big question is, are you ready.  There is no room for you to be nervous.  Channel that energy and get excited.  You may not think that you are ready, you are.  You just have cold feet and that is to be expected but not weigh you down so get up and let's do this.  Let's get out there and make some money pronto, bucko!

No excuses.  Winners win and Losers fall and don't get up.  2nd place is the first loser.  You will be the greatest sales professional in your state.  You are ready NOW!!!  We will be listening and guiding you every step of the way.  Do NOT argue, just do it.  Do not hesitate, just win!

If you fall, get right back up.  Jump up and scream that you are excited.  Be the athlete that you know resides deep down inside your soul.  Now let's make some money, shall we?

Let's go over the numbers...

1 sale can pay anywhere from $10 to over $1,000.  The average commission per customer averages over $100 but we are going to round down for simple math's sake, ok...

It's simple math my friend...  If I give you 20 sales opportunities per day and you have a 90% closing ratio which is what I expect from you, that's 18 sales.  18 sales at $100 per sale is $1,800 a day.  Do you have a calculator?  Get it out.  Do the math.  What is that, ahhhh $1,800 per day multiplied by 5-days a week, (even though you should work 6 days a week in the beginning but that is up to you), that's ahhhh, that's $9,000 in a 5-day work week.  Now let's multiply that by 50 weeks a year (there are 52-weeks in a year but you are likely to go vacation at some point, right?), that brings your annual pay to what?  I think that's $450,000, right?  Yeah, you get the picture.

No let's just say that you have a really crappy sales closing ratio of 50% and you close 10 customers a day.  That's an average of $1,000 per day.  Well, that works out to about $5,000 a week, multiply that by 50 weeks a year and well...  You don't need a calculator for this; that's $250,000 a year, right?  Let's just pretend that I'm correct, okay???

Even at 50%, that's still pretty good right?  Well, here's the thing, I'm not finished.  Now let's just say that The Robinson Group will pay for you to go back to school (Kaplan), pay for your state insurance licenses and then pay for you to go to school again to get your Series 6, Series 63 & Series 65 and pay for your license so that you can become a Financial Advisor?  What would you say if I told you that the average commissions for our advisors average over $1,000 per sale?  Now what if I told you that with The Robinson Group's system, you'll be able to sell not just everybody hot lead (FREE Leads) that come across your desk but also every HOT Sales Lead that comes across any desk in our whole company every day.  Basically, you will have your own TEAM of agents that are qualifying really good HOT leads for you to sell.  Do you think that you could sell 50% of them then?  How about just 25%?

Well...  Let's do the math, shall we???

25% of 20 is 5 sales per day that average over $1,000 per day but we will round down for simple math (it's better to under estimate rather than overestimate, wouldn't you think?).

So, that's $5,000 a day multiplied by 5-days a week which gives you a total of $25,000 a week so far right?  That's more than most people make in a year.  Now multiply that by 50 weeks a year which equals $1,250,000 a year.  That's right...  I just went there...  I just said it...  That's over 1 million dollars a year.  That's more than most people make in a lifetime.  That's right, you will be a millionaire.  Do you see all of those fakers on youtube and facebook bragging about their fake house and fake lifestyle?  Yeah, that won't be you.  You will be an actual millionaire if you want.  Take all of what we are saying here very seriously.  Some people say that money isn't everything.  Some people even say that money doesn't buy happiness...  No-one ever said that it did you negative nancy!  What money does buy you is a nice beach house and a lot of therapy!  Stop being lazy.  Believe in yourself and take yourself more seriously.  Send your kids to the best schools, I am.  Don't ever have an argument about money again.  Studies have shown that this is the number one reason for divorce.  People who say that they don't need money, never had any.


Why is it that someone can own a McDonald's or someone else can drive a Ferrari or a Porsche and you aren't?  Why can some people own a mansion or a beautiful beach house or a yacht or a nice speed boat or a beautiful home in the country or travel around the world and you can't?


It's your turn, are you ready?  If not, get ready, gheezzzzzz

Knowing your product is the next step in becoming a successful sales agent.Of course you need to know the products you are selling.  Know both the positives and the negatives of each product and form a strategy to deal with each objection that might come up from prospects.


Normally you cannot fool people subconsciously. If you do not believe in the product it is going to be hard to get your prospect to believe in it. Do you have the product you are selling at your house? If not, you might want to seriously consider why you would sell it to someone else if you aren’t even using your own product.


If you do not know what you are selling it is hard to answer all of the questions your prospect has.  You want to be able to anticipate their needs and the answers to those questions.  This helps you direct the customer into the right product and service for them, creating happy clients that are loyal to you.  


Knowing your product also can help the new sales agent gain confidence in the sales process.  If  you see yourself as an expert in what you are selling, it helps you be a better sales person.  A confident sales person encourages trust between himself and his customer.  When a customer trusts and likes you he is more likely to buy from you.  So before we go further into the art of selling, take some time to learn the products and services you offer.  

Product Knowledge

We're glad you chose CenturyLink. Thank you! 

Before you get your first bill, we want to make sure you're aware that it's usually higher than your typical monthly bill. 

Why is the first bill usually higher?
CenturyLink services are billed one month in advance. However, since we start your service before billing you, your first bill also includes partial month (prorated) charges which cover the additional time from the day your service starts to the beginning of your monthly billing cycle.

The bill may also include one-time charges. They don't appear on your bill every month. Depending on your services, these could include:

  • equipment purchases

  • equipment shipping and handling

  • activation or installation fees


It's all in the bill details!
We want you to feel comfortable and confident that you know what you're paying for. So we've put together some resources to help you understand your bill:

What is Vivint?


Vivint is a Home Automation company that also specializes in Security. They are the largest Automation company in the country and they are Nationwide. They offer products and services that aid in making the customer's life more convenient. With features like Thermostat Control, Automatic Door Locks, Remote Garage Door Openers, Life Alert, Doorbell Cameras, Smoke Detectors, Fire Alarms, Automatic Lighting, Motion Sensors, Cameras, Weather Alerts, Window and Door Sensors and Glass Break Sensors  your customers can feel safer and more secure knowing that their home is being monitored 24/7 against fires and intruders. They can also feel safe knowing that their loved ones are being protected.


What is the difference between Home Automation and Home Security?


Home Security is anything Alarm motivated. If someone is trying to break into the home an alarm will sound and the Police will be notified. If the customer utilizes the Life Alert and presses the button for assistance the proper authorities will be notified. If there is a fire, the Fire Department will be notified. 


Home Automation is anything that can help to make the customer's life more convenient. For example, if the customer is not at home and UPS shows up to drop off the Christmas gifts from out of town relatives, once the UPS driver rings the doorbell an app on the customer's Smart Phone will ring. The customer can then communicate with the driver and tell him to leave the packages in the garage. The customer can then use the app on his phone to open and close the garage door.


Another example would be if the kids get home from school early and Mom is stuck in traffic. They can (again) ring the doorbell and Mom can use the app on her phone to unlock and relock the front door to let them in.


Still yet, if the customer is not at home and someone shows up at the house after dark, once they ring the doorbell the lights can be programmed to come on automatically so that the person at the door gets the impression that the customer is at home in bed while they talk to him over the doorbell camera.

Weather alerts wil also notify the customer automatically of impending inclement weather. If there is a Flood Warning or a Tornado Warning an alarm will go off to alert the customer.


How much does it cost?


Vivint has three tiers of service. The first tier is the least expensive and covers only Security. This includes seven points of entry. This tier costs $49.99 per month. The second and third tiers also include Automation. The second tier includes eight points of entry and two automations and costs $59.99 per month. The third tier includes nine points of entry, three Automations and one Tarabyte of Cloud Storage for $69.99 per month.


There is a $99 Activation fee that must be paid before the service can be installed. If the customer decides to transfer his service to another address there will be a $99 fee for that as well. In most cases no deposit is required, but if a deposit is required it must be paid before the installation. If the customer is not required to pay an activation fee (this will depend on the area in which the customer lives) the first month's bill will need to be paid in advance.


Is Auto-Pay required?


No, auto-pay is not a requirement. The first month's bill will be mailed to them and they can choose auto-pay if they so desire, but the pricing will not change if they decide to mail a check each month.


What if the customer already has Home Security?


If the customer has home security already you can let them know that we will use their existing security equipment and count that as ONE point of entry. That would mean they have all of the remaining points of entry available for the tier that they choose to convert to additional automations!


How does Vivint differ from other Security companies?


Besides the fact that Vivint is first an Automation company and provides the automations most other companies do not, they also run off of cellular towers where as most security companies require the customer to have a land-line phone. "ABC" company may only be charging $30 per month for their lowest tier of security, but when you add the $45-$50 telephone bill the customer will pay to have this service, the customer will be paying $75-$80 per month for what Vivint offers for $49.99!


What is included with Vivint's service?


Every customer, no matter which tier he chooses, will receive a seven-inch touch screen SKY panel, Thermostat Control, Weather Alerts, FREE Installation, FREE equipment and a Lifetime Guarantee.


Is there a contract?


Yes. The customer will be required to sign a 42 month contract.


Who can qualify for Vivint?


Potential Vivint customers for Vivint would be the same customers who qualify for services through Dish or DirecTV. Most people who have a credit score of 550 or higher will qualify. The potential client does not have to be a home owner. Even if they are renting they can qualify for service. All you need to do to find out if they qualify is to ask them a few simple questions: Do you have Home Security? Who do you currently have? What features do you have?

Utilize Your Tools

Know how to use the tools provided. You could be the most knowledgable person in the room about the product itself, but if you do not know how to demonstrate it, or how to enter the sale into the Point of Sale (POS) Syastem you can lose all credibility. The prospect will wonder how trustworthy you are if you fumble in front of them.

Take a lot of notes!

Learn Google Drive

you can do that on your own at another time...  You will use it later on.

Know Your Prospects

Your goal is to connect with each of your prospects on a personal level so that they will trust you.  This is the best way to turn a prospect into a client (and get referrals). How do you do this?


One of the best ways to do this is to listen and observe.  People tell you a lot about themselves without even realizing it.  For example, if I am calling The Villages on the phone I can normally confirm that I am talking to an elder person just by the way their voice sounds. So what might I say or do to make a connection to an elderly retired person who probably moved here from another state?  It is going to be different than a mother with children that I may meet at the Market of Marion. 

Know Your Territory

Of course it is not only important to know what you can sell and who you might sell it to, it is also important to know where you can sell it.  Here at we sell many products. Most, like Dish and DirecTV, are available anywhere, but some, like Centurylink, can only be sold in select locations.  Make sure that a product or service is available in a customer’s area before you sell it to them.

Create an Action Plan

Always go into a sales situation with a plan of action.  Successful salespeople have a road map that they follow to the end of a sale.  Don’t just go into a situation hoping the customer will want to buy something from you.  Go into each sale knowing that you have what the customer wants and needs and that you are going to help them get it.  If you go in with that type of attitude you will find that you will close a lot more sales.


There are specific steps that need to be taken to help guide your prospect into becoming your customers.  There are also many techniques that top closers have developed for each stage of the sale to help progress to the next stage.  People take years to study all these different techniques and incorporate them into their own style of selling.  There is always another technique that you can learn to help make yourself a better closer, but here is the basic flow of how to make a successful sale.

That was a lot, huh...

We sure do like to test you.  Actually, we are trying to make sure that you are studying and taking this seriously.  We want to train you to be the best.  That's how you are going to close 18 out of 20 sales.  That's how you are going to make over $1,200 a day.  The better you are, the more money you are going to make.  It's that's simple.  Please take this very seriously, it will help you.  Don't put a ceiling on your potential to grow.  Being a better you starts with accepting that you don't know it all and that you have a lot to learn.  So let's learn, ok???

By now you are ready to take the next step...

Follow the instructions below...

Thank you for taking the time to continue with in association with, a Florida based company which is part of The Robinson Group serving the entire United States.​​​

If you are still interested in working with our company, there is a few things that you should know...

First, we want the BEST & ONLY The BEST.  What does that mean?  We do NOT want you if your have a self limiting belief that you are only worth $150,000 a year or less.  We ONLY want people who truly know that with the right training and support, that they are willing to make $220,000 a year or more.  You'd be surprised how many people think they can but they don't even show up to work.  We are the BEST of the BEST.  We are The GOLD Medal Olympic Sales TEAM.  Our training is 15-days of Online School.  We have waived the cost of the school by prepaying it for you so you don't have to pay.  If you are receiving this, is because we feel that you are ready to take the next step and we are paying for your school.  Please don't make us regret it.  Other companies pay in upwards of $1,400 per student to send their employees to get trained through our State of the Art Sales School.  We don't care if you have experience which is why we don't ask for your resume.  Someone's resume doesn't always tell the truth.  Your actions will tell the truth as you train with us.  We will monitor your progress as you train and interact with your fellow classmates.

Here is the GOOD and the BAD...

The bad news is that as a work from home position, there is not a lot to offer in the way of structure and if you lack discipline, you are not likely to succeed here.

More bad news is that if you lack ambition, drive and have a low self worth, you will almost certainly fail this company, your TEAM and of course, yourself.  This would not be the company for you.

Bad news again...  If you aren't malleable and moldable, you may resist the coaching and training system that we offer, it is very different and unique.  The President & CEO could be compared to a Football Coach or Drill Sergeant.  This is probable do to the fact that Jerome Robinson (President & CEO) is a former competitive athlete, boxing champion, served in The US ARMY in a Drill Sergeant Unit, and business Coach and Sales Trainer and Successful Business for over 20-years.

How about some good news already...  If you want a company that you can grow with, this is the place for you.  You can make more money partnering with us than trying to start your own business on your own. You can be the next TEAM Leader, Sales Manager, Store Manager, Vice President, Technician, Admin, Bookkeeper or so much more.  Also, you can and better make more than $220,000 a year with us.  You could grow to be a company partner with shared ownership.  You will definitely learn a lot with us both personally & professionally.  Just please, and I mean pretty please, leave your pride at home and check your ego at the door.  It will get you nowhere here.  You will be booted out so quickly it's not even funny.  We are a family fun company that considers us all equal.  We are a company  that values your input and consider us all students of life so we expect you to be a student as well as our teacher.  Don't however, be a "know-it-all".  You'll stand out like a sore thumb.  So if you're ready to learn & grow, we are offering you a home.  We look for people who want to grow in this new career, do NOT treat it like a job.


Whether you decide to work inside of one of our stores or work from home, this will be your training stomping ground.  You will study closing techniques and Objections & Rebuttals and so much more.  You will Role Play everyday Monday thru Friday and train to be the BEST!

The Telesales Sales Training Website is:


​This is for the WORK FROM HOME Position & for those that live near The Villages Store to work inside the retail stores.


You are invited to a Zoom Training @ 8am Eastern Time every morning Monday thru Friday morning and learn some closing techniques along with other new people.  We will monitor your participation in order to determine if you are ready for the next step in the interview process.  Good luck! 

We've hired 11 people so far and need 12 more.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap:
    US: +16465588656,,8231784166#  or +16699006833,,8231784166
Or Telephone:
    Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
        US: +1 646 558 8656  or +1 669 900 6833 
    Meeting ID: 823 178 4166
    International numbers available:

Click to join a Zoom meeting.

You can also download the ZOOM app that can be found in the Google Play or The Apple Store. Once you've downloaded the app, please Login with the following ID Credentials:


ZOOM ID: 823-178-4166

Zoom Password: 823-178-4166


Please watch the videos in the training school and take plenty of notes as you will be tested on all of them.  We will select 1 person per week to add to our TEAM (whomever scores the highest).  From there, we will select 1 out of 5 Sales Closers to be a Closing Supervisor / TEAM Leader that will earn an extra commission referred to as a TEAM Bonus based on their TEAM's performance.  Eventually, we will be promoting a Manager & then a new Vice President to Frontier Connecticut.  This is a very exciting position & HUGE Opportunity for those that qualify!  Good Luck and study like crazy & take a lot of notes.  Be prepared.

Hey, if you don't make it here, there is always the alternative...

If you're not moving forward; if your comfortable; if you are not challenging yourself, then you are going backwards!​

You know right from wrong...  You know what to do next.  Keep going silly & don't give up!!!

You could be the next Manager, or even the next Vice President.  The choice is yours.  You are in control.  You don't have to b e a wondering tumbleweed.

You're in the drivers seat.  Let's go already!!!

Contact us and let us know that you are interested in Higher Learning from The Robinson Group.

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