Day 1



Why Telesales?


So how did it all start?

Why choose telesales as a profession?  Quite simply put, there is nothing quite like sales.  Selling allows you to set your own hours and paycheck.   The accomplished sales person can help change a person's life for the better by helping them obtain what they need or want. 


Nothing gets done in this economy without selling,  Selling is the art form of convincing someone to take something you have by giving you something they have.  It is getting them to exchange one thing of worth for another.  


Most people don't realize how often they sell in their everyday lives. You don't believe me? Think about this:  When was the last time you got your friends to listen to you?  Or when was the last time you convinced your spouse to do something you asked them to do?  Or perhaps, when was the last time you got your parents to let you do that thing they had said no to?


That is selling.  You see, you already possess the basic abilities, you just need to take this course so you can learn how to use them.   The difference between how you sell now and how you will sell after the course will be drastic.  Instead of hoping your argument or reason will get you want you want, you will have the tools and techinques needed to go into any negotiation with confidence.   You will gain the insight to recognize the signs of whether or not the people you are trying to convince are listening, and the skills to know what to do.  










How much money did you make last year?   Was it enough for you to live the way you want to?  No?  Let me ask you a realistic question?  How much do you need?  


The truth is that most of us want more money than we are currently making, but do not know how to realistically get there, other than (perhaps) winning the lottery or going to a four or five year college.  These options can be impractical for many.   There is another way.


A career in sales gives you this flexibility.   It allows you to set your own goals and achieve them, NOW.   This course will be your first steps to fulfilling your dreams


Are you ready?!


Let's get started!   

 Telesales was first invented by housewives as a way to find customers for their cottage products and other handmade goods.  Instead of going door to door or waiting to meet with friends, women who stayed home most of the day suddenly found a new way to gain independence by financial profit.  Women started calling up friends, neighbors and anyone else they knew to see if they were interested in buying whatever they could make or cook from home.  Cookies seemed to be most popular.   


By the 1970's it had become a profession all it's own.  Traditional sales techniques were adapted and developed to train salepeople. Adapting tone and style of one's voice to best connect with people over the phone had become a artform all in its own.  Soon more and more businesses saw the success of connecting with customers over the phone.  It was more convenient form of selling for both the salesperson and the customer.   The time and resources spent on face to face meetings could be reduced by a simple phone call.  Items and services could be bought more easily and quickly.  Using the phone to buy and sell saved time and money.  Telesales quickly became a popular way to gain new business and connect with customers.  







Telesales has continued to evolve over the years as more and more people have refined the developed techniques and tools to make each phone call more productive for both the salesperson and their potentail customer.  Software has been designed just for telesales and has been refined so you do not even need anything but a computer and headset. Large call centers are designed to create the perfect atmosphere for calling and connecting with customers by targeting layout design and specific policies and procedures that create and maintain an upbeat and positive environment. 




Recently, laws have also been developed to regulate who telesales agents can call and when it is ok to do so.  Now people can tell sales agents ahead of time that they do not wish to be contacted by signing up for State or National Do Not Call (DNC) lists.  These measures help insure that telemarketing is not intrusive to people, but rather helpful and informative.  You will learn more about these rules and industry guidelines on day three of your training.  


These advancements in telsales are great news for you.  You are entering telesales at a perfect time.  Whether you choose to work in our a call center, or perhaps even from home, you have the tools at your disposal to become the best in your field.   Your journey starts now!  








Is telesales a good fit for you?



By now,  I hope the answer is an easy YES!  In case you are still thinking about it,  here a few questions to help you make the right decison.  


How much money do you want to make?  Like we talked about earlier, selling is one of the few professions that allows you to set your own salary.  If you want to earn more there is a simple solution - just increase your selling power and sell more!  With sales, if you work hard and smart, your earning potential is almost limitless.   Success is having the type of life you want, not just about money. Success is about family, happiness, and accomplishing your dreams.  Sales is perhaps one of the best platforms for developing the skills and life needed to be a total success. 



Are you willing to learn a whole new way of communicating?


Think about it.  When you talk to someone how do you communicate with them.  Is it just the words you say?  Is it body language?  Is it your tone of voice?  What about facial expressions?  In everyday communications we use all of these different types of ways to let other people know what we are thinking and feeling.  Reversely, we watch these signs to know what other people are thinking and feeling.  When you communicate you will not see your customers and have to develop the ability to relate to them only through voice and tone.  You can do it!  This course will teach you all the skills you need to be successful at connecting with your potential customers.  You will learn how to be seen as a friendly resource by your prospects.This will help improve their lives by providing them with the services and products they want or need.  Watch the following video about speaking on the phone to see some the skills you will need to develop. 

What do you think? Are you ready to learn how to communicate effectively over the phone?  


Are you determined?  Ask yourself, "Am I willing to do what it takes to drive myself to suceed?"  Telesales is not for everyone:  You have to be self-motivated and ambitious.   But you can do it!  Watch this video below about how to become self motivated.  

Are you one of those people who is willing to be self motivated?  Remember self motivation is not be based on a feeling. It is a decision that you make to pursue the things that are important to you, things that are worth your time and effort, instead of just reacting to whatever circumstances you find yourself in.


Are you looking for a job or a career?  Telesales is not for the person looking only for a job.  A job is simply something that you do because you need money.  It is something that ends when your duties are done or the time clock stops.  You do not need passion or motivaton to work at a job, since you are only there for your paycheck.


A career is different.  It is something you make a long term commitment to.  With a career, you care about what you're working on and see it through, even when the time clock stops.  You are constantly looking to improve and advance your skills so you can be better.  A career is not about a paycheck, it is about what you do and what you are passionate about.   Watch this video to learn more about the difference between a job and a career.

 If you are looking for a rewarding, empowering career you have found the right path!  Really good sales people love what they do.   They love the ability and skills the art of selling gives them in all different areas.  Imagine being able to have the skills to not only set your own future, but to help others improve their lives as well.  As you learn more about the art and science of selling you will gain the tools to do so.  


What if can't sell?

Now that you have decided to make sales your career, you may be concerned that you do not know how to sell.  Don't worry!  Selling is a learned skill.

Also, remember that your computer needs to have a Ethernet port in and you need to hard wire it, not just use it wireless for a Call Center.  It won't work properly.

Do you believe in yourself?  Don't worry, Jerome Robinson does.  All you need is to believe and have a tremendous amount of trust in him or this just won't work.


 Have you ever heard the phrase, "He was just a natural born salesman?"  Well that's not true!  Learning to sell is an artform and a science.  Just like any other skill or trade you can learn in school, anyone can become good at selling by developing the tools and strategies needed.


I know you might not believe me yet, but you can get as good as the top sales agents if you work at it.  Don't get me wrong, it is not easy.  It takes hard work and commitment.  It also takes the right knowledge and techniques. That is what this course is all about!  It will teach you the skills you need to start your selling career successfully!  


Watch this video to learn even more about how one becomes a top sales agent. 

Do you see now how anyone can become good at sales?  Now you might still be unconvinced.  That's ok!  Are you thinking that you are the exception?  That anyone but you can learn to be good at sales?  


I want you to take a mirror right now and look at yourself.  What do you see?  Do you see a future sales professional?  Look again!  As you stare at your reflection see yourself as a successful sales agent.  Keep looking at yourself in the mirror until you see yourself that way  Keep looking... do you see your future self now?


Watch this video below.  As you do, think about how what you are hearing applies to you.  How big a success will you be?

As you can see, sales is a skill you can learn.  This is why we created this course.  Treat this course like you would any course you were studying in college.  If you do that, you will finish it with the tools you need to build a successful sales career - no matter what your selling.


Work hard and never stop learning.  Apply the steps and techniques you learn in this course and you will reach the top of your field.

The Basics:  How to Take this Course

Most of us have spent over 12+ years in school learning all sorts of subjects from reading and writing, to math and science.  But have you ever learned how to actually learn?  Probably not. 


Believe it or not there is actually a way to learn how to learn better.  You can become skilled at techniques to better retain and process information so that you get more out of what you hear and read.  


Have you ever had a problem with reading something and then remembering what you read?  Do you ever feel like you are just not able to understand a subject? Do you just want give up on learning? Most likely it is not because you are unable to learn or comprehend what you are trying to study, but that you simply have not been taught the skills needed to learn effectively.


Once you know how to apply these techniques to your studies you will be surprised how easy it is to learn anything.  Learning is all about taking time to understand by studying in a way that helps you comprehend and retain what you are learning.


So the first step to learning these skills is to start from beginning.  How do we learn? Check out this video to find out how.

Now that you understand the stages of learning, do you see you can learn anything?  You just have to put your mind to it.  What is your future sucess worth to you?  


Decide that learning how to sell is worth it.  Decide that it is worth the time and effort you are about to put into it.  Decide that your future success is something that is very important to you.  Now your ready! 


Now that you have decided that telesales is something that is worth learning, you have taken the first important step.  After all, it is hard to focus on something that you are not giving your full attention to.


Next turn down the distractions. Create an environment that is conducive to learning.  Turn off the TV, silence your phone, shut the door.  Do whatever you need to do to focus only on learning.  

Are you still having trouble with focusing or creating a space exclusively to learn?  Sometimes family disctractions can seem unavoidable.   Try looking at the situation from a new angle.  


Have you told your family or roommate what you are trying to accomplish?  Many times if you tell them why you need study time, and actually ask for their help to make it happen, they will be enthusiastic about your success. They will help you create the environment you need to study instead of being a hinderance.


Is there a better time to study?  Are you studying during the time when there is the most activity in your household? When is your house most ideal for studying?  Maybe studying early in the morning or later at night  would give you a more focused and peaceful environment?


Think about when the best time is for you to study.  Plan when you have the least activity in your home and plan to study then.  


Is there a better place to study?  Get out of the house.  Consider studying at a cafe or in the park.  One of the best places to study is at the library.  Libraries are designed to be a place where people can come study and read without distractions.  You don't even need to be a member!  Many public libraries also allow you to book times in dedicated study rooms that allow you to be free from all distractions and focus on studying.  Other options might be going over to a friend or relative's house, or making arrangements with a neighbor.  Do whatever you need to do to create the right environment for you to study and learn.  After all you have already decided that your future success is worth the effort!  


 Check out this video for more ideas on how to focus and to create the perfect study environment. 

Do you see how important the right environment is to be able to focus on studying?  After all creating the right environment to focus and study is setting the stage for your success in sales. 

Let's make a plan for studying right now.   Go get a pen and turn to blank page in your notebook.  Write down a plan for when and where you can study.   Having trouble?  Go back and reread the last section. Use the questions to help you come up with a game plan. Next, we are going to show you how to engage with what you are learning.  Study should be an experience not just an activity.  Actively participate in the learning process.  If you are reading take notes, highlight important facts, draw in the margins.  A properly read book is a personalized book.  When you are done, read it again (and again, and again). Keep reviewing it until you feel like you can speak knowledgeably on the subject.  Your goal is to be able to teach someone else.  Before you move on to another section you should always ask yourself:  Do I understand what I am reading to the point where I can use it?   And do I know this material well enough to share it with a co-worker or friend so that they could learn it too? 

Watch the video below to learn more about study tenchniques.  As you watch this video think about how it applies to you.  Consider how using these techniques will improve your study habits and retention.  Start to create an action plan for how you will study in the same notebook where you wrote down your plan for creating a focused study enviroment.  List the specific steps that you will use to study smartly.  Then make sure you have all the materials you need to follow these steps.  Your supplies should include a notebook, pens, highlighters, and anything else you need to suceed.   Are you ready to start? Remember, you can pause and rewind the video anytime, as much as you need to. 

Before we get started, I would like to teach you how to read a book.  Read a book?  Yes, read a book.  See, most people read a book from cover to cover and there isn’t a pen mark, highlighted sentence, page fold, little post it tab or anything else indicating that someone looked like they were studying.  A well read book has all of the previously mentioned.  After someone properly reads a book, it becomes totally useless to anyone else that wants to read it.  The next person would have to purchase another book.  A properly read book is read at least 5 times.  You need a pencil, a pen, a highlighter, post-it notes and a separate notepad to take plenty of notes from every page in the book. Sound crazy?  Take me seriously and you will succeed, I promise!


Books are often read best five times.  Read the whole book, not just the main parts.  It is good to know the author and the publisher of each book you are reading.  If you have trouble retaining or focusing on reading, try these techniques.  Check your surroundings: make sure you are in a quiet and peaceful place free from distractions.  Instead of just reading silently, read outloud so you can both hear and see the text that you are covering.  Dramatize the text: engage the text by doing something off the wall. Rap it or read in a weird voice.  This is a good technique to help you engage it and turn it into something fun.  Read a little bit at a time.  Instead of tackling a chapter, read a paragraph sentence by sentence.  Figuring out what the author is saying line by line can be easier than trying to understand the whole thing at once.



If you are listening to an audio, take notes. As you are taking notes, pause the recording to allow yourself time to write without missing the next part of the recording.  Also take note of the time stamp so you can go a back and review it. After you are finished listening to the audio do the same thing you did when reading, listen to it again (and again, and again) until you can speak knowledgeably on the subject.  


Your goal is to be able to teach someone else.  If you do not know enough to teach someone else you have not learned enough yourself.   Go back and study your books again!  Review your notes! Listen to the videos again! Keep on doing this until you understand it so well that you can teach it.


Check out this  video that gives you more tips on how to read and retain what you are reading successfully. 

How many times did you just watch that video?  If you only watched it once, go back and watch it at least two more times.  Can you teach someone else what you just learned? No? Go back and watch it again. 


This is how you train. Think about it when has a coach ever told his team only to do one pushup or one situp?  Never! Just one doesn't make them stronger!  Instead he tells them to give him 20, or 50, or 100.  It is the repetition that helps them build muscle.  Learning is the same. Keep repeating to get stronger.


So take everything you learned about studying and focus and apply it to this course.  



Work hard. Remember, you are taking your first steps to your new career.  Be diligent and methodical about it.   Finish the course at your pace.  It is not a race.  


Make sure you take your time to learn and study all of the information each day.  At the end of each day review what you learned before moving on to the next part of the course.



One More thing...

As you take this course I want you to keep this in mind.  You are who you choose to be.  Each day we are creating who we are and will be.  So who are you?  


You are a student of life.  You are always growing and learning new things from various people and sources.  Life is too short. Most of us wait around for a "sign" or for the solutions to our problems to "bonk" us on the head only to finally realize, "Dahhhh, I wasted so much of my life and got nowhere because I was a know it all!"  Even then it is difficult to admit it to ourselves.


How old are you now?  Look at some of your co-workers.  How successful are they?  How old are they?  When will they realize that whatever they are doing isn't working out for them?  It seems that the older we get, the more stubborn we are.  There is one exception to the rule - the cocky 20-year old who thinks that they know it all,  annoying as they are. It would seem that nobody wants to take the time, patience and energy to learn and broaden their horizons or horsepower (as I like to call it), and study techniques on how they can be competitive in (not just today's), tomorrow's market by being #1.  If I was to build the ultimate company, I would hire a Korean former athlete who has the energy and aggressive nature that is full of persistence and vigor.


Many people today seem to want to be given success instead of going out and earning it.  You are not one of those people.  As a sales agent you create your own success through hard work and dedication.  You apply the skills and techniques you are constantly learning to sharpen your skills and stay on TOP. You achieve your dreams and goals  and gain success.

Have you been listening onto our morning live training sessions yet?  Here it is again...

Thank you for taking the time to apply with in association with, a Florida based company serving the entire United States.​​​

If you are still interested in working with our company, there is a few things that you should know...

First, we want the BEST & ONLY The BEST.  What does that mean?  We do NOT want you if your have a self limiting belief that you are only worth $150,000 a year or less.  We ONLY want people who truly know that with the right training and support, that they are willing to make $220,000 a year or more.  You'd be surprised how many people think they can but they don't even show up to work.  We are the BEST of the BEST.  We are The GOLD Medal Olympic Sales TEAM.  Our training is 15-days of Online School.  We have waived the cost of the school by prepaying it for you so you don't have to pay.  If you are receiving this, is because we feel that you are ready to take the next step and we are paying for your school.  Please don't make us regret it.  Other companies pay in upwards of $1,400 per student to send their employees to get trained through our State of the Art Sales School.  We don't care if you have experience which is why we don't ask for your resume.  Someone's resume doesn't always tell the truth.  Your actions will tell the truth as you train with us.  We will monitor your progress as you train and interact with your fellow classmates.

Here is the GOOD and the BAD...

The bad news is that as a work from home position, there is not a lot to offer in the way of structure and if you lack discipline, you are not likely to succeed here.

More bad news is that if you lack ambition, drive and have a low self worth, you will almost certainly fail this company, your TEAM and of course, yourself.  This would not be the company for you.

Bad news again...  If you aren't malleable and moldable, you may resist the coaching and training system that we offer, it is very different and unique.  The President & CEO could be compared to a Football Coach or Drill Sergeant.  This is probable do to the fact that Jerome Robinson (President & CEO) is a former competitive athlete, boxing champion, served in The US ARMY in a Drill Sergeant Unit, and business Coach and Sales Trainer and Successful Business for over 20-years.

How about some good news already...  If you want a company that you can grow with, this is the place for you.  You can make more money partnering with us than trying to start your own business on your own. You can be the next TEAM Leader, Sales Manager, Store Manager, Vice President, Technician, Admin, Bookkeeper or so much more.  Also, you can and better make more than $220,000 a year with us.  You could grow to be a company partner with shared ownership.  You will definitely learn a lot with us both personally & professionally.  Just please, and I mean pretty please, leave your pride at home and check your ego at the door.  It will get you nowhere here.  You will be booted out so quickly it's not even funny.  We are a family fun company that considers us all equal.  We are a company  that values your input and consider us all students of life so we expect you to be a student as well as our teacher.  Don't however, be a "know-it-all".  You'll stand out like a sore thumb.  So if you're ready to learn & grow, we are offering you a home.  We look for people who want to grow in this new career, do NOT treat it like a job.


Whether you decide to work inside of one of our stores or work from home, this will be your training stomping ground.  You will study closing techniques and Objections & Rebuttals and so much more.  You will Role Play everyday Monday thru Friday and train to be the BEST!


​This is for the WORK FROM HOME Position & for those that live near The Villages Store to work inside the retail stores.


You are invited to a Zoom Training @ 8am Eastern Time every morning Monday thru Friday morning and learn some closing techniques along with other new people.  We will monitor your participation in order to determine if you are ready for the next step in the interview process.  Good luck! 

We've hired 11 people so far and need 12 more.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap:
    US: +16465588656,,8231784166#  or +16699006833,,8231784166
Or Telephone:
    Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
        US: +1 646 558 8656  or +1 669 900 6833 
    Meeting ID: 823 178 4166
    International numbers available:

Click to join a Zoom meeting.

You can also download the ZOOM app that can be found in the Google Play or The Apple Store. Once you've downloaded the app, please Login with the following ID Credentials:


ZOOM ID: 823-178-4166

Zoom Password: 823-178-4166


Please watch the videos in the training school and take plenty of notes as you will be tested on all of them.  We will select 1 person per week to add to our TEAM (whomever scores the highest).  From there, we will select 1 out of 5 Sales Closers to be a Closing Supervisor / TEAM Leader that will earn an extra commission referred to as a TEAM Bonus based on their TEAM's performance.  Eventually, we will be promoting a Manager & then a new Vice President to Frontier Connecticut.  This is a very exciting position & HUGE Opportunity for those that qualify!  Good Luck and study like crazy & take a lot of notes.  Be prepared.

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