Day 15



Study and practice the script below.  This is used while you are in training.  Before we allow you to receive fresh inbound Hot Leads of customers who are interested in our services, we first have you call older existing customers and try and flip them for practice.  So please study the scripts below.  You will also need to study these Quality Control Scripts for your own customers that you sell.  They are called, "2x2's".  You will call your customers the day before they are installed, 2-days after they are installed, 2-weeks after they are installed and every 2-months after that until you are able to flip them again in 1-year.

All of the forms below need to be completely filled out in order for you to proceed with our company.  You will be given the opportunity to upload the completed forms towards the bottom of

The Schedule Application.

Please go ahead and look at the schedule below and pick time frames that work best for you.  Try and work as many days as you can.  Although you're not required to work Saturdays & Sunday, you may find that you'll make more money on shifts where less people are on.  For example, look at the GREEN Numbers in the BLUE Boxes above each hour of the day.  That number refers to the amount of people are covering that shift hour.  You may find that it's in your best interest to choose a time-frame that has the lowest number.  Refer to the schedule below and answer the questions below the schedule.  The schedule is updated every 5-minutes in real-time. You can scroll to the left & to the right to look up different hours up to 11pm.

Company Schedule

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