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The Winning TEAM! was founded in 2004 by three partners.  It soon became apparent that the three partners had different visions for the company’s future.  One partner, Jerome Robinson, had a vision to create a great company and pursued high level, quality customers.  So, within a week, Jerome fired the other two partners so he could pursue his singular vision.  He has never looked back. started as a Brighthouse contractor but soon switched to a premier Sony and Dish Network retailer in 2005.  In one year, expanded to 6 locations, servicing most of Central Florida including Tallahassee, Gainesville, Tampa, Fort Myers, and West Melbourne.  It grew to be one of the largest contractors and installers with Dish Network for DRS in the southeastern United States. added Sprint to their product line in 2006, and DirecTV in 2010. In 2011, the company opened up two Blockbuster stores in Ocala and Melbourne and a new Dish and Sony retail store in Summerfield.   CenturyLink stores in Belleview and Summerfield soon followed in 2015 and a DirecTV location opened up in the Villages in 2016. 

Where are we today? continues to grow and expand our services by connecting with the best companies in the entertainment and home services industries.  We continue to offer Dish, DirecTV, and CenturyLink to our customers today.  Recently we have added other companies to our lineup such as RingCentral, Exceed, Frontier, Comcast, T-Mobile, Scout, Nest, Vonage and Vivint. We’ve also started to develop our own line of products like our cutting-edge Media Box, the latest advancement in Home Entertainment. We have also set the wheels in motion to become providers of Brighthouse and Cox Cable.


Today we have grown into the largest company of our kind in the United States, offering services in communications, home entertainment, automation and security, business technology and growth.  We are always looking to grow and expand our product base.

What lies in our future?

Our company is dynamic and growing.  We have recently opened up a call center in Summerfield, FL with more on the way.  We are expanding our product line to include more services for the home.  Soon we hope to offer electrical work, plumbing, air-conditioning maintenance, duct cleaning, roofing, lawn care, vacation, personal development and business coaching. 


The vision of CEO and president, Jerome Robinson, and, is for no full-time associate or contractor in the company to earn less than $80,000 a year.  Jerome estimates that this will not be easy and will take about 3-years to complete the necessary company upgrades in order to accomplish this.  We are continuing to build an awesome and dedicated team that will ensure this company's success for many years to come. 


We plan to become a publicly traded company by 2018 with the anticipation that all employees will hold stock in  Plans are in the works to create a brand new state of the art facility with amenities like a Daycare for employees, a gym, a shower, a sleep room, a kitchen, a game room, a counselor's office, free snacks, a slushy machine, free drinks and so much more!


We here at are building a culture of excellence and success.  Our goal is to dominate in every area that you work in, building a great quality customer base and forging tomorrow’s leaders. The future is exciting and we are building it today!

This is your chance to learn to be the best.  Once you graduate, you, too, can earn over $200,000 per year.  Upon graduating, you will have almost guaranteed job placement assistance with many companies, some of which pay over $50,000 per year to start.


Reach your greater potential, we'll show you how.  Be a better you tomorrow than you were yesterday for as little as $29.99.  This is your chance to shine brighter than the brightest of stars.  Be way ahead of your competition.

Below, you can request more information about this training program.  You can sign up for a one-time payment of $29.99.  You learn to be a great tele-sales agent.  Sales will become easier for you than ever before.  Our graduates are projected to earn an average of $96,000 a year.




We are looking for talent:

  • Outside Sales Professionals

  • Telemarketing Professionals

  • Door to Door Specialist

  • Accountant

The Cell Phone Store

We are looking for Retail Sales People to sell T-Mobile Cell Phone Services out of our Summerfield S-3 Store.

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