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 I'd like to introduce myself for all those that don't know who I am my name is Jerome Robinson AKA the rooster.  I was once homeless I was once jailed I am a father of 5 I am a black man I am a prominent business owner I am a philanthropist I am a philosopher I am the founder of the Robinson group which produces the Robinson report and I am a follower of Jesus Christ. Nothing else should matter not my political views not my views on black life matter or and tifa or covied 19 or anything else for that matter. I am your brother your father and your son. I ask that you do not disrespect my name as I choose not to disrespect yours. I consider myself a conveyor of the truth. Everything I say and mention as fact I have researched thoroughly. We all one what's best for us as individuals just as I want swats best for you and your family I ask that you have an open mind and listen to reason and be open to learn new things.

 My mission or my message to you is not to preach hate. Every so often I am advised that sometimes my messages can be a little dark or sarcastic Where they don't come from a good place it from trying to follow the good example of Jesus Christ. I didn't always believe in Jesus Christ meaning I knew he existed But I do not believe that he was the only Son of God and that he was the way to god. But he was always my role model because he was D example that we should all follow in order to do right by God. So I say unto you even if you don't believe that Jesus is the only Son of God please at least acknowledge that he is a good example for all of us to be like in to follow. Jesus is about peace just like Martin Luther king was and later Malcolm X. Malcolm X did not start off as being a preacher of peace in fact he condoned violence. Just like Malcolm X changed as he grew closer to God that peace is the way I myself Jerome Robinson AKA the rooster sees that the only way to make change is through Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. I learn from Prager U & The Vortex, & the Bible, & my sisters, Angel & Tara, my son's & others just like you to be a better Christian & a better person.

Living with The Robinsons


What a crazy world we live in today. It seems that we're about to start another civil war fueled by blind hatred. Our school systems are teaching our children that hate groups that promote violence are ok.


Do you remember when you first purchased your home? You spent thousands and more thousands of dollars furnishing your home. Do you remember the mortgage and the outrageous bills that came with home ownership? Do you remember that you stopped going out as much. In fact, you kinda became trapped in your own prison.


Things changed in the world so much that children going to school or playing with friends became a social no-no. What kind of future is that for my kids who just want to lock themselves in their room and play video games all day & night? Kids were meant to be free and I want my little explorers to travel the world and play outside as I did when I was a kid.


So we came up with an idea. I would quit my job, sell off everything that we had, buy a boat & an RV and travel the country. Unfortunately this means that we'd be left with no extra capital and we'd be stuck trying to figure that out as we went along. We felt strongly that God would look after us so we threw caution to the wind and explore what the world has in store for us. 


We would spend part-time living on an RV & a boat. So we went out and purchased a used RV that we could fix up. 


No, not that old.

No, not that used.

Still, something that needs a little less work.

Ahhh, that's more like it.

We would go on a road trip and travel north America. 



But then we needed a boat.

No, a big boat, like a yacht that we could live on.

Now that's a yacht but that thing is huge.

That yacht is gorgeous and way out of our price range. 

That yacht is a dream but I'm talking way smaller.

Let's get out of dreamland and back to reality.

Now that's more like it. We'll live aboard that bad boy. A 38 ft. Sea Ray named, The Symphony.


We are the Robinsons. And we encourage you to embark on a real live adventure with us & help support, Living with The Robinsons.

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  • Hospitals & nursing home facilities benefit when patients die. Do NOT go to a hospital if you have Covid-19, you're more likely to die. Hospitals across the country are committing mass murder. Ventilators don't work. The state medical government board will not allow any doctor to use any unconventional and/or unauthorized medical treatment. 

  • AT&T and Verizon advertise fake pricing. Verizon is NOT $35 a month. After you get your bill, you'll notice that you're paying 3x's that amount. Don't be fooled anymore. 

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So, if you haven't seen the movie, Social Network, or it's been over a year, I encourage you to watch this movie again. It will explain a lot about How Mark Zuckerberg stole someone else's idea and built one of the largest and certainly the most influential companies of our time. I certainly don't need to explain to you what Facebook is or how or even when it got started. This is not a history lesson, rather it's an investigative journalist piece that is so damaging to so many politicians, that it could not just end my career, but end me.  After all, there's a lot of politicians that want to keep their secrets well hidden & buried.  So leave it to The Rooster to uncover the truth that they don't want you to hear.


Mark Zuckerberg employs over 60 lobbyists to control democrats in Washington DC. 

What is a lobbyist?  A lobbyists job is to build connections with lawmakers in congress and buy their vote with gifts which could include either money or other things such as a house or a $3,000,000 mortgage that they don't have to pay back.  Just look at Nancy Pelosi who has a net worth of $120 million dollars much of it was from fraudulent back-hand deals that didn't serve her constituents but rather her pockets. Why do you think that she pushes such crazy agendas? Can someone scream CORRUPT WHITE PRIVILEGE while she admittedly claims to support the people. Look everybody has a price. Nancy Pelosi just lost her soul a very long time ago. How much is enough? Kamala Harris on the other hand gets some of her money through gifts, campaign contributions and funneled through her husband. It's pretty easy to launder or hide money. It was just as easy for my team to uncover their dark secrets. I'll make them public to Fox News because I think CNN or MSNBC will try & cover it up.  And there's other politicians that have taken illegal contributions and other "gifts" promising special favors. One of which is: Elizabeth Warren. My team has found many inconsistencies and weak or failed cover ups between her & her Harvard husband. Harvard themselves are a huge part of the scandal.

Now Maxine Waters, here is someone that I've invested a lot in investigating and my efforts turned out to be fruitful. Maxine Waters has taken many handouts, has performed special favors and is in several powerful people's pockets. She's very CORRUPT. I will be bringing her file to Senator Ted Cruz for him to do what he will with it along with passing it along to Fox News, CNN & MSNBC just to see what MSNBC & CNN do or try to cover up.  I've got a lot of scandalous files on several well known people from Al Sharpton yo Bill Clinton to Chris Cuomo to His brother Andrew, the New York Governor. I'm working on Bill de Blasio but he appears to be somewhat clean, but the investigation is still underway. Just because someone has a difference of opinion doesn't necessarily mean that they're guilty of wrong doing. 

Bottom line, they're many corrupt politicians and lobbyists know this. Government & politicians have always known that if you want to get elected, you're going to owe many people favors. They give you money & help you get elected, you sponsor a particular bill or vote against a bill to the lobbyists' benefit.

There are about 12,000 registered lobbyists and many more unregistered in The United States alone working and bribing our elected officials to sway a vote here, do a favor there & basically break the law & oath of the constitution for which they are sworn to uphold. Lobbyists are people who work for different firms like agents almost, but much, much worse.  Let's use a real world example where Comcast wanted to merge with NBC Universal & they needed the black vote.  True story by the way. So they knew that Al Sharpton, a former street hustler that would sell out their own people, the black community, his friends,  Jessie Jackson & his own family by taking bribes, a lot of money & a very lucrative job with MSNBC so that he could convince the black community to accept the Comcast NBC Universal deal. Guess what, it worked. They pay Al Sharpton to slam President Trump. It's chump change to increase ratings. In fact, Comcast has put out a memo stating that in order to work for them, you have to go against what you believe in and go against Trump. That sells ratings. Simple economics. 

The NRA, AT&T, Comcast, Planned Parenthood, The Teachers Union, The Police Union, The Dairy Farmers, Corn, Tobacco industry, The Satellite Industry & so on and do forth. Everybody has there hanf out, even Black Lives Matter. But do you know who has the biggest pockets & more lobbyists than you might think? Who would have thought that Google, Twitter & Facebook have lobbyists. Facebook has over 60 that we know of and at times close to 5,000. What are lobbyists again? What's their purpose? To crack & break your once honest politician and turn them to a puppet to do whatever they want them to do.  Basically, Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook are buying politicians to overlook their illegal business practices and look the other way. Facebook will sway votes for democrats by throttling anything conservative or even such things as the American flag.  That's right, if you post the American flag & Facebook finds out, your Facebook account could be shut down. Mark Zuckerberg has more power than the President & the Republicans are not smart enough to put 2 & 2 together. Mark Zuckerberg is absolutely untouchable. There's not a single politician on his payroll that will prosecute him. It doesn't matter how many times Senator Ted Cruz or someone else calls that smug little arrogant punk up to the stand, as he's done before and will continue to do, he will laugh in their faces because he knows what they don't, his money has guaranteed his protection. He is more guilty than any one person out there besides George Soros for instigating violence and world chaos. The problem is, no one cares enough to do anything about it or stop him. I have an idea, I'm calling on a few programmers to create an open source platform similar to Facebook. Or simpler yet, Everybody go back to using MySpace. MySpace has the financial resources behind it, the history and it's owner, non-bias and certainly not some ego maniac named Mark Zuckerberg. I mean. Tell me you don't want to punch him in the face? But I digress. I'm Christian now and I don't condone violence. There are better ways. So if you care about the future of the world, let's go back to MySpace and take back our freedom. 

Dominos Restaurant Review


I like Domino's. I used to work there over 20-years ago. They forced me to as a condition if I was going to purchase a franchise. I took the management & marketing course for ownership. Good business if you're going to buy a business. 


Domino's never claimed to have a great tasting pizza back in my day. Infact, they lost every franchise pizza tasting contest. So they stuck to their claim to fame of staying open late catering to a lot of college students & late night parties & their infamous 30-minutes or less. That was up until they got sued because a driver got into an accident on his way making a delivery over 20-years ago. In more recent times, Domino's has tried to reinvent themselves by changing their recipes and their store looks and even went as far as offering dine-in and in some cases, drive thru.


So they've tried, I'll give them that. Over the years I've tried Domino's and have compared them to other pizza restaurants like, Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Hungry Howies, NYPD & a few others. Consistently Dominos has usually fallen below average. I don't recommend Papa Johns anymore because they support a terrorist organization called BLM that fights against my race.


So as many of you know, I broke my arm & foot on my boat some time ago and as a result I've been bedridden. So I decided to order almost everything Domino's has to offer on their menu to do a restaurant Review. You can see the receipt of my order. I've already ordered different pizzas and pastas and sandwiches before. This time I stuck with cheesy breads, sandwiches & dessert. 


The food was dry to say the least. I'm sorry, but if I order an Italian sandwich, it should come with the option of adding Italian dressing, sub sauce and/or oil & vinegar. It was bone dry. Hardly any meat and dry as can be. It was almost all bread. It looked like it had one piece of meat & one cheese. What a waste. The bacon cheddar ranch wasn't any better. The jalapeño bacon cheesy bread had little cheese, was dry and the little itty bit of bacon was soggy in a dry bread. The spinach & feta cheesy bread had too little of spinach and you couldn't really taste any feta cheese and it was kind of dry but it was barely ok considering everything else was a big fat failure. I wouldn't blame the cook who made the pizza because it wasn't overdone or under cooked. From what I can tell is that Domino's went super cheap on ingredients in the way of hardly any ingredients at all. The cinnamon bread dessert was probably the best thing on the menu when using the dipping sauce. It wasn't great but it was almost good.


I think I have figured out who would order Domino's pizza, either someone who has absolutely no taste for food or someone who smokes a lot of weed and as a result is really high when they've ordered Domino's and definitely high while they're eating it. So my final rating of Domino's is a definite 2 thumbs down.


Incidents, Pizza Hut & Hungry Howies were on the top of our list but buyer beware, the problem with hungry Howie is that some are good and some are horrible and we haven't found any consistency even within the same branch so it's kind of a hit or miss and if the pizza maker is high on meth or not. Have you seen the pizza makers at hungry Howies? Little Caesars brings the best value at $5.99 for a large 1 topping. But hungry Howies is close to the same price and a lot better.


If you want consistency every time? Great pasta, decent pizza and ok wings? Definitely it's going to be Pizza Hut. I say ok wings because they are small and not cheap. However, the sauces that they have make up for it because they are absolutely amazing. Pizza Hut wasn't always good, but when they did their revamp, they really came through. 


So recap. Hungry Howies in Winter Garden Florida only when you have the right meth head cooking your pizza, then Pizza hut, then everyone else. NYPD is just an absolute ripoff and it's not that good. Not bad. Just not worth the price. Some hungry howies are good, while some are not. Some use way too much sauce and some are just plain, bad.


So I hope this has helped you in some way. If you've taken a liking to any of our videos, please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE below. Also, it would be very helpful if you'd recommend this YouTube channel to all of your friends and family by texting them this link and reposting our videos on your Facebook. One more thing. You can help us launch our new TV Show, LIVING WITH THE ROBINSONS by supporting us here on Patreon. You can click on the link below. Please stay tuned for a brief overview of what to expect on LIVING WITH THE ROBINSONS. Thank you for watching. Remember, Jesus loves you & so do I, The Rooster. God bless you and have an amazing day!

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